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Silo Safety System

Silo Safety System

Inadvertently opening the wrong silo is one of the most dangerous and most expensive accidents that can occur at an asphalt plant. The Libra Silo Safety System is designed to dramatically minimize this risk. In operation, infrared sensors are utilized to enable each silo, if and only if the truck is in the proper position.

Features include:

• Significantly reduces the possibility of opening the wrong silo
• Independent of, and compatible with, existing automation and manual switches
• Reads multiple sensors to ensure the truck bed is under the proper silo
• Bypass switch for non-standard truck sizes
• No operator interaction normally needed - it's always on guard
• Bright lamps clearly depict sensor and silo enable status
• Compact desktop box with sloped-panel
• Terminal strips facilitate easy electrical wiring
• Utilized solid-state outputs for rugged reliability

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